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Summer Visitor!
Mia Grosjean '68 hadn't been back to the Oldfields campus in years, but having moved back to the mid-Atlantic recently, Mia took the opportunity, while visiting Joe and Dotty Hordubay, to come to campus for a happy exploration of her old haunts. Accompanied by Alexandria, her assistant from Russia (who loved Oldfields!), Mia wanted to see everything and went everywhere you can think of on the campus from Old House to Commons, to the dorms to Chicken Hill, and all the way up to the indoor arena, recalling happy memories at every stop.
Mia's assistant, Joe Hordubay, and Mia Grosjean '68

Alexandria, Mia's assistant, Joe Hordubay, and Mia Grosjean '68

At the top of her list, though, was to see the amazing differences her old friend Tammis Day '69 had made at Oldfields through many generous gifts to the School she loved. First stop was the Tammis Day Academic Center – the addition to Rodney made possible through Tammis' gifts which is the cornerstone of Oldfields' academic life. A state-of-the-art building with large and modern science labs that alumnae before 2000 can't even imagine, to renovated classrooms and faculty offices, to a beautiful and expansive library named, at Tammis' request, for former Headmaster George Nevens.


Tammis' generosity has reached even beyond her own life, as she most recently left Oldfields more than 20 pieces of the most sophisticated fitness equipment it is possible to own. The OS fitness room now rivals any gym in any city you can name! Delivered in late June, it will wow our girls when they come back in late August. It is already wowing the staff!


Mia isn't surprised at Tammis' transforming her love for Oldfields into tangible gifts. She always remembered Tammis as "a generous soul."

We are thrilled to have Mia back in the general area and hope she will return to campus again and again! It was wonderful to see her. We'd love to see you, too!


Summer in New England

Head of School Ansley Smithwick and Director of Development Anne Finney P'97 have been having some Oldfields fun of their own! A quick three-day trip to New England not only got us out of the heat and humidity of the Maryland summer, but also gave us the chance to catch up with some of our favorite alumnae.

In Stonington, CT, we had the very great pleasure of spending the night with Jane Isdale Schaefer '52 in her beautiful, nautical-themed home on the water overlooking Quanaduck Cove. The most gracious of hostesses, Jane kindly feted us disadvantaged Marylanders with a glorious lobster dinner that let us know we were truly in New England. Jane, next time you're at Oldfields, we'll return the favor by serving you Maryland's special Chesapeake blue crabs!

Jane Isdale Schaefer '52 and Ansley Smithwick with the lobsters!

Jane Isdale Schaefer '52 and Ansley Smithwick with the lobsters!


The next day, after a fond farewell, we made our way to Westerly, RI, for a delicious lunch of more lobster (lobster rolls! Don't tell Jane…) with Marian Culbertson Burke '63 and her husband Rusty ("my date for the Junior/Senior weekend in 1962!"). A former Trustee and one of Oldfields' most loyal alumnae, it was great to see Marian again, as well as Rusty. Both art lovers, Marian describes their mutual passion in this way, "All of my favorite artists are alive; all of yours are dead." Her sense of humor is undiminished!

Rusty Burke, Marian Culbertson Burke '63, and Ansley Smithwick

Rusty Burke, Marian Culbertson Burke '63, and Ansley Smithwick


That evening, in New Canaan, CT, we had a delicious and lively dinner with Sue Lloyd Scannell '61, Carolyn Gibbons Abernethy '66, Pamela Hartley Bramhall '66 (who came back to OS two years in a row – for her reunion in 2016 and for the 150th in 2017!), Dede Alexandre LeComte '72 with her daughter Lysi LeComte '06, and Tyler Watkins Constanda '95. Unable to stay for dinner, Lisa Wood Wright '84 joined us for a pre-dinner cocktail but was having so much fun she stayed so long that her husband Christopher began texting to say, "Where
are you??"


Oldfields girls always have a good time, but we broke the record that night! We closed the restaurant down regaling one another with OS stories and talking about plans to upgrade the dorms until there was no one else left, and the management very politely gave us to know that the staff would be grateful when our party broke up.


Ansley Smithwick, Sue Lloyd Scannell '61, Pamela Hartley Bramhall '66,
Dede Alexandre LeComte '72, Lysi LeComte '06, Tyler Watkins Constanda '95, and Lisa Wood Wright '84

There is nothing we love more than seeing alumnae! We'll be traveling a lot this year – perhaps to your neck of the woods – and we'll look forward to seeing you then!


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Anne Ragland Finney P'97

Director of Development



Joan Carter Jermakian '81 P'15

Director of Alumnae Affairs





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