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New York Gathering
Ilana Feldberg Adelman '88 and David G. Perfield

Ilana Feldberg Adelman '88 held a beautiful Gathering for Oldfields at her lovely apartment overlooking the Hudson River in New York City on November 8, 2018. Alumnae, parents, and friends came from all over the city to meet Head of School David Perfield and to see old friends. Instead of ending at 8 p.m. as planned, the last guests left closer to midnight! Now, that's a party! Many thanks to our gracious hostess, Ilana--one of Oldfields' most devoted alumnae.

What's Going on in the Classroom These Days?
Classroom at Oldfields

Ever wish you were back in the classroom at Oldfields? Take a look at what went on in eight classes today:

  • In Physics, students were doing a lab comparing the force exerted pulling pieces of wood apart. One student asked, "How would the results differ if several pieces of wood were stacked?" This led into an impromptu lab, rather than the teacher immediately providing a solution.
  • The girls in English 11 Honors focused on AP exam questions, which included reading several essays and determining which ones provided the most scholarly evidence to support a question. They also discussed the makeup of test questions and various strategies which could be used when answering that type of question.
  • Environmental Science students did an experiment (with candy ... yum!) to understand the theory of the "tragedy of commons," which demonstrated how overpopulation depletes the earth's resources. They observed how taking candy for their own self-interest depleted the candy resource.
  • Forensics students studied the psychology of perception, leading into a unit on the criminal mind.
  • During a unit on electrons and the periodic table in Chemistry, the teacher reinforced one of the slides with the question, "If this was a homework question, how would you figure out how to answer it?" as she reminded students what information on the slide should be written in their notes.
  • Ceramics students were hard at work painting pots. It is clearly therapeutic to dig your fingers into clay.
  • The group in 20th Century History were preparing to start a unit on World War II.
  • Oedipus the King was the subject in English 10, followed by some work with the Membeam, an online method of learning vocabulary, and finishing up with background work to prepare for reading a Greek tragedy by Sophocles.
1923 Graduation Video

You all love Oldfields' traditions! Take a look at this three minute video sent to us from Ann Murray who's aunt, Betsy Coke '28, graduated from Oldfields. Also note the original Garden House and Miss Allie's lush garden, where the very first Garden Parties were held. Thank you, Ann for sharing this wonderful piece of Oldfields' history!

Wanted: Your Writing!

Your writing is what we'd like to include in the Green and White Gazette! How about reminiscences of your time at Oldfields or letting us know what you're up to today? You can think of something! It doesn't have to be long. 100-200 words will do. And your friends will love reading it! Send any and all works to Joan Carter '81, P'15 at


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This Month in Photos

Even though the students were only on campus for part of this month due to a well-deserved Thanksgiving Break, the campus was bustling with activity in and out of the classroom. From exam preparation to Arts Day, from Sports Awards to Thanksgiving dinner, we captured the highlights below so you can get a glimpse into your daughters' lives at OS. Enjoy!


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