Gio is a new tenth-grade boarding student in our Oldfields family this year. Gio chose to share her perspective of what makes Oldfields stand out during the application process, as this exploration is a recent memory. She has jumped into our community full steam ahead and has spent her first semester trying new activities, making new friends, and sharing her experience at Oldfields with prospective families near and far!  Here are her reasons that Gio believes Oldfields would be a great fit for your daughter, and family. 

We are an intentionally small school.

Oldfields Students Performing Community Service picking Corn on a farm

Oldfields Community Services: harvesting food for the homeless

  • By being small, there are so many great opportunities for our students to participate and lead.

  • You will know everyone, which makes you feel at home with a second family.

  • There are small class sizes. These allow for great individualized attention from your teachers, as well as the ability to have great conversations in your classes.

We are an all-girls school.

  • Oldfields is an all-girls school where we all feel very comfortable around each other and always have each other’s backs!

  • Personally, I feel like being at an all-girls school has made me more independent and confident.

Green and White Night Celebration

Green Team Celebration

Exceptional Riding Program!

Favorite Four-legged Friend

  • Our riders love being up at the barn.

  • The horses are so kind. Even if you don’t ride, you will enjoy going up to the barn to pet the horses!

Why not?

  • Oldfields has something for everyone!

  • We have great arts, sports, and academic opportunities.

  • I chose Oldfields because of the “sister" feeling on campus. I know this feeling of sisterhood will last forever.

Morning Meeting in the Quad