Weekends at Oldfields

Michaela '22

There are always new opportunities and adventures when it comes to Oldfields weekend activities, and throughout these past years I have learned so many things about what types of activities are offered that my friends and I can take advantage of. One of the first things I learned about weekend activities at Oldfields was that there is never a dull weekend on campus. Meaning, there is always something you can take part in! Whether you just want to relax and rejuvenate for the next week or stay active and get off campus, the variety of weekend activities makes all options possible.

If you’re a boarding student and thinking, how will I refill my stash of snacks, or buy  more shampoo, don’t worry there is a weekly shopping trip. Friday night after dinner there is a trip to either Target, Walmart, or Giant. You can cruise the aisles with your friends and get anything that may be on your list that week. On Saturday and Sunday, trips are taken to shopping centers like Hunt Valley or Shawan Plaza or even Towson mall.

When we are fortunate to have good weather there are always outdoor trips taking place. These include kayaking on the bay, hiking, skiing, visiting museums in Washington, DC,or simply walking/running on nearby trails.

Even staying on campus there is always a wide range of activities. From tie-dying on Commons Lawn, star-gazing in the athletic fields, having a movie/game night in Gookies, or even making rice crispies and edible cookie dough in the dining hall, there is always something new.

Another great thing about the weekends at Oldfields is that there is always a community service opportunity that happens. Some are on campus, like writing notes to frontline workers  or making care packages for people experiencing homeless shelters. Off campus community service can involve working for an animal shelter, working at a charity race, cleaning up a local park, or helping create green space in Baltimore City..

Another one of my favorite parts of the weekend activities is that as a student, we are able to make requests and suggestions for the upcoming weekend to the weekend activities team. Then a group of students and adults take these ideas and add them to the continuous list of activities. If I have taken anything from my experience through each weekend on campus, I have learned to not hesitate when it comes to new experiences and just simply having fun with my friends! The opportunities are endless and more examples that I have mentioned, you can find some of last year’s activities by clicking here.