Top 5 Favorite Things about Oldfields!

When I was looking at high schools, all of the schools that I visited seemed very similar to each other, except for Oldfields. The list below briefly shows what attracted me so much to Oldfields as a day student. I still find these things so incredibly cool and unique. I’m so thankful that I get the opportunity to go here and take part in these special aspects of what makes Oldfields, Oldfields!

Leadership Opportunities

There are so many opportunities to grow as a leader in this school community. Some of the ways that I feel I am already being shaped into a leader include keeping my classmates on track, being responsible, and being accountable. During my time at Oldfields, I would love to become a leader in one or more of the areas I feel passionate about.

The Family-like Community

The warm welcome that our community gives to returning and new students makes me always feel welcomed and comfortable. There’s no room for nerves when you first step foot on our campus. You’ll be embraced right away. We’d love for you to become a part of our family soon!

The Riding Program

By being a part of the Riding Program at Oldfields, I have grown so much as a rider. This program also offers students, including myself, a way to escape the stresses of school at the end of a long day!

Small Class Sizes

Having smaller class sizes helps increase the amount of individualized learning. I also feel like I have more help from and access to my teachers! This year, my smallest class has seven students, and my largest class has thirteen students.

The Academic Strategies Program

This program helps students with things like organization, time-management, self-advocacy skills, and effective reading strategies. By utilizing this program’s resources, I feel more confident in my academic classes. This team supports me and my grades during individual meetings and behind the scenes.