The Inside Scoop: Tenth Grade at Oldfields

Brooke '23

Being in the 10th grade has been a roller coaster of challenging academics, leadership roles, the balance of academics and social life, and fun! I have really enjoyed having a bit more flexibility with my schedule this year. I take Algebra 2 as well as Geometry, because math is my passion. I’ve decided to fulfill my art credit next year, as a junior, and think I’ll take either Applied Design or Ceramics. Personally, I don’t envision myself being very artsy in the future, but I do enjoy design and want to be an architect. I appreciate the fact that art classes are a graduation requirement, because as a sophomore my future is not set in stone and I enjoy trying new things and finding potential passions. At the moment my favorite class is Algebra II because it puts all of my brain cells to work. I also enjoy my other classes: English 10, Geometry, Chemistry, 20th-Century World History, and Spanish II. 

Sophomore year has been jam-packed with activities and there is never a dull moment. I am an active Admissions Ambassador,  leader of the Cheer Club, and a member of Images and Dubious (our a cappella group on campus). On the weekends I enjoy going off campus with my friends. It has been really nice to get off campus this year and be in different outdoor spaces during the pandemic. Some of the trips we have taken this year include: kayaking, visiting a pumpkin patch, strolling through sunflower fields, and visiting food trucks. I ride at the barn as much as I can to prepare for a fun competition season in the show ring as well as help a few non-profit organizations to earn community service hours. The balance between riding, school work, and my social life sometimes (well, who am I kidding, most of the time) is never fully balanced, but I try my hardest. I often dedicate more than a healthy amount of time to riding but that’s because it is my passion and what I can see myself doing in the future.

Don't worry, I always get my school work done! I'm doing really well this year, especially since I had a lot of freedom choosing the courses that I’m taking. Although six classes don’t seem like much, the workload is substantial. In each of my classes there is always work to be done. So, as you can imagine, Sunday through Thursday afternoons are devoted to homework and studying. Because of this, I am glad to have built-in study hall time during the academic week. This time is dedicated to getting all of that work done.

As a sophomore, I started looking at a few colleges to prepare for my junior year when all of the intensive work begins. At the top of my list is Auburn University in Alabama. One of my teachers from freshman year (Ms. Montgomery) went to Auburn and gives me the inside scoop as an alumna! I have two more years at Oldfields, and then it’s time to make the big commitment to attend the college of my dreams. I know I sound very optimistic about getting into my first choice school, but I have a long list of 14 other schools that I am interested in exploring as well.

I am excited to be entering the spring season. At the end of the spring semester we have May Program. This is a two-week experiential learning opportunity both on and off campus that focuses on a specific topic of interest, hands-on. I will be participating in the riding May Program this year where I will be traveling to nearby farms and learning how to take care of a sport horse. I could not be more excited for these two weeks! The spring at Oldfields has so much more significance than just the nice weather. We will be closing out the year, celebrating our achievements, and saying our farewells to one another. I am excited for all of the fun traditions that we will take part in this spring to bring this school year to a close. It has been a challenge at times to navigate the pandemic, but I am so happy to be surrounded by people who have my best interest in mind. I am looking forward to the summer mostly because my best friend and I are staying together for most of this time away. But by August of 2021 I will be a junior! I can’t imagine the  responsibility that I will hold as a junior at Oldfields. I am so excited about the thought of being an upperclassman. I plan on becoming a prefect in the dorm as well as enjoying junior privileges like freedom of study, which means I can choose where I get to study during study hall. Next year I’ll let you know what it’s like to be in the 11th grade!