The Academic Checklist

by Brooke '23

Coming to a new school can be difficult, especially when there are a million different things to consider when entering high school or on your way out of middle school. Well, let me tell you… feel free to take a deep breath and prepare for the best year(s) of your life! When packing for school, be sure to consider more than just how aesthetically pleasing you want your dorm room to be. The most important aspect of Oldfields is the academic program. To make sure you’re entirely prepared for your courses, let me tell you what you need to know!

I figured the easiest way to prepare for school is a checklist!

Notebooks - Each girl is required to take certain courses to graduate, and there are four classes a day. Be sure to bring at least eight notebooks and a few spares in case you run out of workspace. Who knows, maybe you’ll use that extra to make a new friend and show kindness by supplying another girl with paper when they need it.

Pencils - Bring enough pencils to draw the Mona Lisa at least 50 times! Pencils and other writing utensils are very important. I know the common struggle of coming to school with 1,000 pens and pencils and going home with one, so be sure to bring extras.

Binders - From personal experience at Oldfields, a lot of the teachers will tell you during orientation that a folder/binder is required or highly recommended. I know what you are thinking, “One folder will be sufficient”. But let me tell you, as a sophomore I have had at least two English folders fall apart because of all the papers they had to hold.

Textbooks - I believe this is one of the most important aspects to consider when preparing for your academic year at Oldfields. Most courses have textbooks that each student should purchase prior to the first day of school. The textbook list is on the Oldfields website. Be sure to order your textbooks early so that you have them for the start of school!

Graphing Calculator - Before I get into this, I know they are so expensive! I have my brother’s old calculator from high school and he’s 23 now, so it’s pretty old! These calculators are an investment in you/your daughter’s future, and I promise as soon as she is in geometry, chemistry, or any course beyond those, teachers will start asking her to bring it to each class.

Water bottles - It’s so important to stay hydrated. Our campus is very big and there is a lot of walking (or running, if you’re late) throughout the day. While there is water available in various locations on campus there is nothing like drinking from your own Hydro Flask or Oldfields water bottle.

Backpack - Personally, I prefer to have a stylish backpack. Because of my preference, my bags are a little smaller than your average Jansport, but it does the trick. If your preferences are like mine, be warned--you may end up carrying a book or two by hand.

I hope you found this checklist helpful. And don’t worry if you forget a few things - weekend trips to Walmart and Target are a regular occurrence!

On a more personal level, I would like to welcome you to Oldfields and I wish you the best of luck on your academic journey!