You Can Challenge Yourself at Oldfields

Support at OS

Have you ever thought about challenging yourself, but you don’t feel that you are in the right environment to do so? Immersing yourself in a challenging curriculum, for many, can feel overwhelming. The pressure of college years, after Oldfields, seems unimaginable. Oldfields School is a welcoming community where there is a balance of academic, sports, and social support. Whether you are weaker in academics, athletics, or socially, Oldfields School is a place to further grow your limits. You immerse yourself in new activities and learn more in the classroom with the hands-on curriculum. I will now branch into the ways Oldfields helps challenge you academically, athletically, and socially.

Academic Support

We have an Academic Resource Center that is always willing to support students. Whether you want help with a math problem or studying for a test, they always do their best to keep you on the right track. There is also an option to use your free period, if you have one, to have individualized time with one of our academic coaches. Despite the extra cost of this, it is worth it if you want that one-on-one help. If you are a boarder there is an evening study hall, giving you time to do independent work. Day students typically don't stay for the evening, but they are more than welcome to. Due to COVID, the day schedule has changed on Fridays. On Friday this year we have a flex day. This means that you have your first class of the day followed by morning meeting and your last two classes of the day. There is a study hall for boarders and day students later in the afternoon. However, if you have freedom of study you are excused from study hall and can use that time as you wish. Study hall is structured and provides a great environment to provoke learning. Despite your learning profile or academic status, Oldfields’ academic department is always willing to support you.

Athletic Support

In regards to athletics at Oldfields, our coaches will support you. We typically offer many different sports such as dance, riding, basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, badminton, tennis, soccer, track, cross country, and fitness. However, due to COVID, the fall and winter sports varied, offering different activities every two weeks. Interscholastic sports began again this spring and riding is offered year round. Regardless of the sport you choose, our coaches are dedicated to every athlete's success - both on and off of the field.

Each Girl’s Success

Cheering Students

Each girl’s success is important to our community here in Oldfields. Each girl’s success is not just about the accomplishments, but it is also about the road to your success. The journey to success is not talked about as much as it should be. Here at OS, your journey is unique, and we acknowledge every student's road to success. High school can be tough for many students, but it is okay to struggle in a certain area. No one is perfect at everything. What makes each student unique are their passions, values, and personality. No matter what you struggle or succeed with, Oldfields is the place for you. Hope to see you here soon!