Orientation is Here for You!

Michaela '22

Congratulations! You're enrolled at Oldfields School and ready to start a new chapter. Orientation is one of the most memorable and intimidating parts of being a new student; however, by keeping some key objectives in mind, the transition becomes a lot smoother and more beneficial.

First, when it comes to the first few days, it is good to keep in mind you are not the only new student. Coming to a school not knowing anyone is scary, but having the reassurance that you are not the only one in the situation helps to ease some nerves.

Next, going in with an open mind is so crucial to getting the best experience. Having an open mind when getting used to the new schedule or routines becomes a lot easier and the adjustment period also becomes shorter and smoother.

Then, as cliche as it sounds, being yourself and choosing what you like is one of the best ways to find your place. By expressing yourself you will meet people you would not normally talk to and build some of the strongest friendships.

My final advice for a new student during orientation is to not hold yourself back, but instead, to go beyond your comfort zone. Being thrown into a new environment may be a little uncomfortable at first but by putting yourself out there and trying new things you will be able to look back and be thankful for the memories and everlasting experience. Get excited and ready to make lifelong friendships, find your place and voice, and have one of the most unique and rewarding high school experiences. Finally, and once again, welcome to Oldfields!