My Favorite Aspects Of Riding at Oldfields:

LeeAnn '24
  • THE FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE: At Oldfields, you ride every day! I am a day student, so I ride Monday through Friday. School can get a little hectic, whether you're stressed about your workload or maybe busy during certain times of the day. The Riding Director, Ms. Amy, is very flexible with what time you may ride throughout the week. Last semester I rode after school, but this semester I chose to ride during lunch so I could take more advantage of my afternoon. It is really nice to have the flexibility to choose when you ride!
  • THE HORSES: In the Riding Program, there is a variety of horses of all levels and sizes! Whether you’ve been riding for ten years or just starting in the saddle, there is a horse for you! If you’re ready to try something new, or prepared to take on more of a challenge, there is surely a horse for you. All the horses are well trained and so beautiful! You’ll be lucky to ride any of the horses that the riding staff thinks will fit you best.
  • THE RIDING ARENAS AND BEYOND: On campus, there are two outdoor arenas, one large indoor riding arena, and spaces to ride and jump outside! It is really convenient having so many places to ride. Especially during the winter, it’s nice having a larger indoor arena. When it gets warmer out, our instructors give us lessons sometimes in an open field, or take us on trail rides off campus. It’s extremely beautiful when it’s fall and all the leaves are changing colors.
  • THE WELCOMING RIDING COMMUNITY: Before I was even accepted into Oldfields, the Riding Director let me help out around the barn. For the time I worked there, I was treated with a free lesson! Now, this happened all before Covid-19. The riders were all really welcoming and helped me around the barn. When I officially started riding at Oldfields, I already knew how everything was done. Even though returning riders know the ropes up at the barn, this year the staff had barn orientation for all the new riders. That being said, don’t be nervous when you go up to the barn for your first time! The students and adults will show you the ropes, and it really is like a second family.. Everyone is very supportive of one another and is always there to help you!