Riding at Oldfields

By Bryce '23

Riding at Oldfields Blog

I came to the Oldfields Riding Program in the fall of 2019. At first I was nervous about trying a new stable because I've been at the same stable my whole riding career. I was also nervous about meeting new people, riding completely new horses, and working with new coaches. However, after my first few days that nervousness completely disappeared because of all of the great people, horses, and coaches. I love the riding program at Oldfields. Our program makes you feel like you are a part of a smaller, tight-knit family within the larger OS community. It is a group where people will understand your love and passion for horses. The riding program is kind of like a family away from my family.


Every time I walk up to the barn I feel like I'm no longer on campus. The barn feels like its own world. I love everything about being there. The other girls in the riding program are very sweet. They are really nice and welcoming to new people. I can remember the older riders were really helpful when I was getting used to finding my way around as a new rider.

The horses in the riding program are awesome. Each and every one of the horses are great teachers. I have learned a lot working with our horses. The instructors are also really helpful and continue to teach me lots of new techniques to use while riding. My favorite part about the riding program is the IEA show program that we compete in. I showed by myself at all of the horse shows that I have competed in in the past, until joining the Oldfields team. It is so nice to have a team aspect in the sport that I love. When one of our teammates is showing in a class we all go and cheer for them to show our support and encouragement. We can typically be found huddled together watching the horses, trying to stay warm between show classes.


I've learned so much from the riding program here. I used to be nervous about stepping outside my comfort zone, but because of the riding program at Oldfields I have gained confidence with not only riding different horses, but in other areas of life outside of the barn. I would recommend our riding program to anyone, even if you have never ridden before. It's a great place to start and to learn from different people.