Top 10 Hangout Spots Around Oldfields

By: Ashling '24

Ashling is a new ninth-grade student at Oldfields this year. Although she has only been on campus for a few months, Ashling does a wonderful job of helping students feel welcomed, seen, and heard. As a day student, Ashling wanted to write about the different spaces on campus that she enjoys spending time in with her friends throughout the day. Whether these spaces are used for chatting, snacking, studying, or relaxing and taking a deep breath between classes, you will know the “go-to” places to be during your free time.

1. Miss Nan’s Library

“Nan’s”, as we tend to call this space as students, is a cozy and warm place to go during the day or in the afternoons. Typically, we either sit with friends and hang out or spend time at one of the tables by ourselves to get focused, study, and do homework. 

(Bit of background: This formal sitting room is located in Old House, the original school building.The portraits surrounding the room are of past heads of school, including the library’s name sake, Miss Nan McCulloch, and her mother who was the founder of Oldfields, Anna Austen McCulloch.)

2. Gym Lobby

This space is located just outside of the main court of our gym and has a few oversized comfy chairs and a TV. This is a great place to go eat lunch or stop by after classes and enjoy spending time with friends.

3. Gookies

Gookie’s is one of our student lounges on campus. It is located just next to the day student locker room, making it convenient for day and boarding students to spend time here together during the day. Many students enjoy relaxing here while they wait for meals to begin or for parents to come and pick them up. Boarding students utilize this space on the weekend to watch movies and TV.

(Bit of background: Named after a long time community member, Miss Gorsuch, who used to sell snacks to the students, her tradition continues as Gookie’s is also home to our students’ beloved Cal Gal (Calorie Gallery), a student-run spot for late-night milkshakes and pizza.)

4. The Barn

The barn is an ideal place to go and hang out with friends, or even read a book! Both riders and non-riders enjoy going and hanging out at the barn. It’s a relaxing space on campus where our students feel like they can get away for a few minutes during the day or a few hours after school.

(Bit of background: In 2018, the new Anna Austen McCullloch barn was added to our court-yard style barn. The best part is the newly built tack room with a bird’s eye view of the entire campus.)

5. The Gallery

Art Gallery

The Gallery is a room on the top floor of Rodney (our main academic building). This space is great for getting some work done during the day in between classes. There are some comfortable couches as well as a long desk for students to relax or spread out and work on assignments.

(Bit of background: The walls and display cases are adorned with recent student art. In addition, several beautiful glass sculptures are displayed that were donated by various artists, among them the renowned sculptor, Dale Chihuly.)

6. The Admission Parlor in Old House

The Parlor in Old House is a cozy room just outside of the Admission offices and provides the students with a nice place to go and relax with friends during the day.

(Bit of background; The parlor is the epicenter of Admission activity and has a great view of “The Jungle,” a plant-filled space with a glass ceiling and top to bottom windows.

7. Old House Porch

The porch attached to the front of Old House has a few sets of tables and chairs making it a great place to sit outside, enjoy a meal, or hang out with friends. Some students, when the weather is nice, will spend their free period outside working in this space.

(Bit of background: The Old House Porch is one of the first views that a campus visitor will see and is part of the original home and school of Anna Austen McCulloch in 1867.  Rocking chairs and tables among the wisteria vines allow for a beautiful view of Graduation Hill.)

8. Rodney Quad

The quad is another great place to go spread out outside and get some work done, have a meal, or just relax for a few minutes with friends. Sometimes on the weekends yoga on the quad is offered as a morning activity! 

(Bit of background: The Rodney Quad has an amphitheatre feel, and is the ideal space for the full community to gather for outdoor Morning Meetings and for faculty to take their classes outside for science experiments or lessons.)

9. Nevens Library

Nevens Library is a place where all students can go and enjoy a peaceful space to get work done. There are many desks as well as more comfortable couches and chairs. Whether you have a test to study for, want to check out a book, or want to work on the community puzzle, the library is a great space for you! 

(Bit of background: The Nevens Library features a computer lab, private study rooms, and  nooks for studying. The library is where many students spend evening study hall and our National Honor Society peer tutors work with students.)

10. Rodney Lobby


Rodney Lobby is where students go if there is a snack provided that day. Additionally, this space allows for a great place to sit and relax in between classes for a moment.

(Bit of background: In addition to mid-morning snacks, this is a favorite place for the Oldfields Parent  Association to surprise the girls with special treats like hot chocolate and cookies, nachos, or soft pretzels!)

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