Greenery & Scenery of Oldfields


Reagan '23

The greenery and scenery at Oldfields is a small part of what makes this campus so beautiful. Meanwhile, it is one of the most important things that makes this place feel like home to me. From a young age, I’ve always loved watching things grow and flourish. For me, growing up watering and paying attention to flowers taught me how to care for others and myself. By showing care for things that are constantly growing, I now understand and give the same care and attention to myself and my peers. Caring for flowers has also taught me kindness, and allowed for me to learn to give back. Surrounding myself with the beauty of flowers has allowed my understanding of, and passion for, nature to take hold. Observing nature helps me appreciate the need for maintaining balance, and the importance of taking a pause to soak in the beauty of the world around me.

Around campus you will find a plethora of different floral delights ranging from vibrant lilacs near the Centennial dorm to picturesque daffodils that litter the campus at every twist and turn. The assortment of colors and  fresh floral aroma that fills the air truly solidifies this place as a second home for me. My weekends at school consist of picking flowers around campus, utilizing my record player that I brought to school, and playing some of my favorite music while I make arrangements with these flowers I picked. You should see my windowsill! By bringing the beauty of the outside inside, my spaces and mood instantly brighten by not only providing a pop of color, but also adding a sense of comfort. I hope you find beauty in the details at Oldfields and that this place becomes your second home as well!

All the love,
Reagan  ’23