How to Make Oldfields Your Home

by Chiya '23
Chiya's dorm fells like home.

Hi, I’m Chiya! I’m a sophomore, and this is my second year at Oldfields. Coming to a new school is already hard enough, and living away from home could make it a little more difficult. Believe me, I get it! It’s totally nerve-wracking before you step foot on this campus and feel the warm embrace of this community. But, despite my initial nerves, I figured out how to make myself comfortable in a new state and want to share my strategies with you.

The first thing I thought about when shopping for my dorm room decor was the color scheme and vibe of my side of the room. Back at home my room is pink, so I bought pink sheets and pink bed sets and a lot of other stuff that would remind me, in a way, of home. I also brought one of my paintings and favorite posters (my autographed Niall Horan poster, in case you were wondering!) from my room at home.

If you have animals at home and you’re worried that you won’t get to see any furry friends, have no fear! Most of our faculty and staff live on campus which means their pets do too! We also have horses and barn cats. There are so many animals here that you won’t be sad when you have to leave your pets at home!

Another thing that will absolutely make you feel at home is that dorm parents will bake for you, or you can bake with them in their apartments! Sometimes after study hall there are fresh brownies in the lounge waiting for you. Or if you buy cookie dough from Target, you can always ask a dorm parent if you can bake in their home. I did this with my roommate a few times last year, and it was the best.

Finally, talk to your family every once in a while! Sometimes doing all of these little tricks just isn’t enough, and you need to see and speak to your parents, siblings, cousins, and whomever else. That’s okay! As I’ve already said, moving away from home in high school is hard—college students even have trouble with it. It can be especially difficult if you’re in a different state. Nothing can beat a good phone call, note in the mail, or FaceTime, but I hope that sharing some of these little tricks will make it easier for you!