Oldfields as a Day Student

by Ella '22
Ella with the White Team Flag

Life at a boarding school is a unique experience, but it’s especially unique as a day student. You’re not always on campus and that can be slightly intimidating. You don’t sleep or eat there, you don’t have a dorm room, and there are moments leading up to your first day in which you may find yourself wondering if you’ll ever be able to bridge the gap between boarders and day students. Well, as a third year day student, I’m here to tell you that in my experience the friends you make are really a part of how you customize your Oldfields experience!

Ella and Juniper

If you put yourself out there and interact with the boarders during sports and classes you are bound to become friends with many of them. I have never felt the gap between these two groups of students because from the second I arrived at Oldfields, all of my friends were boarders. I would spend time in the dorms with them and even spend time with them at dinner some nights, which led to more of my friends being boarders. That’s right, even if you are a day student you can stay for dinner or come early for breakfast. You can stay after sports and sleep over on the weekend. You aren’t limited to the academic school day just because you don’t live on campus.

Ella 22 and a friend

Oldfields is a fun and accepting place in which you will want to immerse yourself in order to get the best experience for you. There are moments when being a day student may feel a little different, but you are never left out. Oldfields is a place where you can completely make your experience your own. While it is hard coming in as a new student, I promise you that you won’t regret coming here, because no matter if you are a day student or a boarder, everyone is welcomed and made feel like they are at home.