The Best Things To Do At Oldfields In Your Free Time

Snuggling with the campus pets!

Milo the barn cat

Campus pets are roaming around with the faculty, waiting for someone to snuggle or pet them. Some of the favorites are Milo the barn cat, Mrs. Isaac’s dog Gizmo, Ms. Rooney’s dog Rabun, and Ms. Davis’s dog Bailey. They are very friendly and it is always nice to have them around!

Taking a stroll on the NCR Trail

The NCR Trail is a great place to go for a walk, jog, or bike ride. The trail is very peaceful, and the view is amazing. When some of the other students and I go for a walk on the trail, we like to go down to the river and put our feet in when the water is warm. It feels very refreshing in the fall after a nice walk! Make sure to ask about going down to the trail and one of the adults living on campus will surely take you and your friends.

View from the NCR Trail near Sparks Glencoe Maryland


Kiki taking in the night sky

At the end of the day on the weekends, when you want to do something relaxing and adventurous, you can go stargazing on our campus! The best place to go is on the athletic fields or Commons Lawn. The sky at night is very beautiful and calming after a long day. Don’t forget to bring a blanket to lay on!

Movie Night

The big flat screen television in Gookie's is always there for anyone to use! You can go there to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. There are also other places to watch TV and relax, such as the Gym Lounge and the Duty Office. All of these places are very comfortable. It feels like you are at home with friends when you spend time together watching something you like or a movie you have never seen before.

Movie Night

Movie Night at Oldfields