Athletics During the Pandemic

Madi '22

COVID-19 has changed our routine at Oldfields for almost a year now, and although that might seem scary to some, I feel safe at Oldfields. The thought process behind our day-to-day actions has changed; however, it has not stopped us from being together in-person, whether in the classroom or around campus. One of the only things that has really changed is the type of athletics we do and the health and safety protocols that surround them--making sure we are at a safe distance and wearing our masks. Coming back to school during a pandemic could have been scary, but everyone here makes me feel like I am protected.

To safely return to school, every student and employee provided negative COVID-19 test results and quarantined for two weeks. Our amazing staff is cleaning all the time, and we have one another to keep stay accountable for wearing our masks. When we came back to school I was wondering if we were going to have sports. It can be dangerous being so close together in the same space, and I didn't want anyone to get infected. But I also wanted to play soccer so badly! Ms. Gaby Davis, our Athletic Director, has done an amazing job making sure that we are still able to get the athletic exposure and much-needed after school exercise during our daily routines. During the pandemic I had the chance to try cross-country, a sport I had never participated in before. Ms. Rooney was one of the lead coaches, and she opened my eyes to a whole new sport and pastime. Cross-country was great to participate in because we were able to be safe at all times while getting a solid workout every day after school. As winter approached, we had to move athletics indoors. In my mind, winter athletics means fitness! This is the after school activity I enjoy participating in during this season, and I continue to learn how to take advantage of the opportunity to work out on my own. The coaches push us with challenging workouts in order to give us the best version of ourselves each day. Everyone is constantly encouraging each other along the way. I recognize that while so many other schools are not able to participate in after-school activities, we have been able to keep up with our goals and adjust to make athletics a reality this year. I am really thankful for the fall sports season and can't wait to see what the spring holds for our campus and sports!