Join Us for Open House

Date: April 15, 2023

Are you ready to...

  • Meet with our current students, parents, faculty and staff to hear what they love about our community?
  • Tour our 140-acre campus, meet our 25 school horses, and sit in the classrooms where you will write your own Oldfields story?
  • Belong to a community where kindness and acceptance are intrinsic, the people feel like family, and your school becomes a home?
  • During Open House, you will experience a tour of campus hosted by current students, hear from a panel of current parents, students, and program directors, and enjoy lunch with us!

We can't wait to share all of the exciting things happening at Oldfields School with you! RSVP for Open House today.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend Open House

  1. Kindness is Our Culture. We believe that a school where trust is intrinsic, kindness is inherent, and independent thinking is valued, provides the greatest opportunity for growth and achievement. 
  2. Our Small School Creates Big Opportunities. We believe that the best learning happens in a space where students are known and their voices are celebrated; here, learning means doing.
  3. Nothing is Better than Being Yourself. You are embraced as you are, because who you are “supposed” to be doesn’t exist here. The result is a shared, deep-rooted sense of belonging that makes our community a family and our campus a home.
  4. You May Not Know Who You Are...Yet. True personal growth isn’t about limiting your focus to one area of specialization, but rather providing you with the flexibility to explore many interests.
  5. An All-Girls’ Education is Life-Changing. At a time when so many outside influences attempt to define who a girl should be, Oldfields provides a place free from that pressure—where girls can focus on who they are and what passions they wish to pursue.