International Students

At Oldfields international students are fully integrated into academics, campus life and the Oldfields community. Language support is provided to improve English proficiency and to ensure students are well prepared for college in the United States or their home country.

International Students


The family-like sense of warmth and welcoming that surrounds the Oldfields experience is unparalleled. This feeling exists because of our commitment to keep our community intentionally small, because we learn and live together, and because we share an unwavering caring for and kindness towards one another. This feeling extends beyond campus with international students often welcomed into local students’ homes for weekends and holidays, providing a wonderful cultural exchange for everyone.

The minute you walk in the door, you realize everybody is looking out for your daughter’s best interest, she is their number one priority. I don’t know of any other place where my daughter is going to matter this much to this many people. They care for her like family, and it becomes a home away from home.  –  Liz, Parent, Alumni

At Oldfields, international students have the unique life-changing opportunity to learn and live in  the historical and cultural epicenter of the United States. Our ideal location is near cities like Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA, and New York City in addition to natural resources like the Chesapeake Bay, Appalachian Mountains, and Atlantic Beaches. Having all these opportunities within driving distance allows learning to extend beyond the classroom.

Juniper Moon ’22 is an international student from South Korea. Her parents were looking for a school that had small class sizes so Juniper would have more interaction with teachers, a focus on academics, a caring community, in addition to strong traditions and a rich history. Oldfields was a perfect fit! Juniper shares, “When I first started, everyone was talking to me, which was overwhelming at times, but made me feel welcome. My English steadily improved.”  

When asked what she likes about Oldfields, Juniper has a long list, beginning with the perfect class size of ten or less girls. She was surprised how much she enjoyed the boarding school life within a small, close community, which helped her overcome her shyness.

Her family is also happy with the experience Juniper is having. Her mother shares, “오래된 역사만큼 선생님들의 사랑이 깊고, 넓고 뜻하지 않은 위치 같이 여학생들은 풍부한 감성과 다양한 매력이 있다”
English translation: “The teacher’s love is as deep as the old history and as wide and unforeseen as the place, with girls who have a rich sensibility and various fascinations.”