Debit Accounts

Types of debits may include:

  • Allowance - This is money that we release to your daughter on a weekly basis for her personal spending on or off campus. Her allowance can accrue from one week to the next if she does not withdraw the full weekly amount. The maximum allowed per week is $50.
  • Herky’s School Store / Unrestricted - This is the amount the student has spent in the School store for all items. We do not suggest limiting this category since it covers school supplies.
  • Herky’s School Store / Restricted - This covers the purchase of food items, drinks, and apparel. Some parents choose to set a monthly limit in this category.
  • Activities - This area includes some weekend activities, private music lessons, and May Program. Most School activities are covered in your comprehensive fee, but occasionally there is an additional fee for a special weekend trip. We do not recommend limiting this area. The girls know in advance if there is a charge for any activity. Music lessons and May Program require a signed contract by the parent before any debits are made.
  • Riding Program - All charges for the riding program are run through the debit account.
  • Extraordinary Funds - This category will be used to release money to a student outside of her normal allowance limit. If your daughter requires extra money for a weekend, is participating in a School fundraiser or needs to reimburse another party, this category will be used along with a notation that states why the money is being released. In most cases this will require parental permissions.
  • Miscellaneous – Other categories may appear on your statement such as testing fees, special apparel such as class t-shirts, and transportation to/ from doctor’s appointments, airports, or train stations.

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