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July 2021

Dear Future Oldfields Families,

Although our students are enjoying a well-deserved summer break, Oldfields School is busily preparing for the upcoming school year! We are enhancing our academic programming as we build on our creative schedule, expand our experiential learning opportunities, and roll out the red carpet for a new arts concentration. While we are introducing new elements to our academic programming, the heart of our educational philosophy stays the same: the faculty and staff at Oldfields know our students. Our small class sizes, dedicated and caring teachers, and a challenging and flexible curriculum provide each girl with a unique academic path that is aligned with her individual talents and passions. At Oldfields we embrace a personalized learning approach that values each girl for who she is and who she will become.

Each girl’s success means crafting an academic path that fits each girl’s interests and challenges her intellect. Our advisors work with each girl, her teachers, and her family to plan out an appropriately challenging and personalized academic path. At Oldfields, we develop capable, confident young women who are prepared to succeed and lead in college and beyond.

Every student deserves to have an exceptional high school experience, this year more than ever! Your student is one application away from beginning their own Oldfields School journey, which will be sure to bring many one-of-a-kind learning experiences in the future.

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The magic of Oldfields is how you feel when you are here. The very best way to experience it is in person, but we also offer a variety of virtual opportunities to connect with our students and key program directors. Whichever option is best for you, we can’t wait to share all there is to love about Oldfields!

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Oldfields is currently accepting applications for fall 2021 on a rolling basis and for fall 2022 (due February 1, 2022).

Oldfields' review process is holistic and contextual, taking into account your unique story and background. Click on the button below to begin your application today.

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We recognize the decision to send your daughter to Oldfields is a significant investment in her future. Together, we can provide your daughter with this life-changing opportunity. A strong tuition financial assistance program supports Oldfields’ commitment to a qualified, motivated, and diverse student body.

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Farewell to CLASS OF 2021, Hello NEW SCHOOL YEAR

Oldfields’ Graduations are always special, but this year as the girls walked slowly down the hill, dressed in white with their bright smiles and colorful bouquets, the emotions were exceptionally poignant. The joy, the pride, and yes, a bit of relief, were palpable as all were aware what an accomplishment and privilege it was to participate in this cherished Oldfields tradition.

Graduation morning arrived with blue skies and was relatively cicada-free. The simple, profound ceremony went off without a hitch as the Class of 2021 graduated in a year like no other. We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge that the day was bittersweet as we thought about our remote students, especially the seniors, who could not celebrate on campus with us. The cardboard cutouts could never come close to replacing them, but we hope they know that they were in our hearts.

The Class of 2020 was also on our minds, as they were unable to close their time at Oldfields with a walk down Graduation Hill last year. Each graduating senior in the Class of 2021 carried a white rose in honor of their former classmates, and Head of School David Perfield also wore a white rose in his lapel.

We cannot adequately express our deep gratitude to all the members of the Oldfields community who made this year possible. One thing remains forever true, the students were the secret to our success this year as they navigated their Oldfields Experience with Courage, Humility, and Largeness of Heart.

July's student blog posts are spotlighting Chiya '23 and her tips for making Oldfields feel like home, Madi's '22 reflection on athletics at Oldfields, and Kami's '23 top snacks to keep in your dorm room or locker. These blogs are great for our new students and those of you exploring Oldfields to begin preparing for the start of the 2021-2022 school year. Our greatest source of advice for topics like snacks, sports, and dorm décor are our students, so we hope you'll enjoy getting the inside scoop from them!

July Student Blog Posts

Exciting Enhancements for 2021-2022

Academic Highlights

Our faculty and staff are buzzing with excitement for our new academic enhancements set to being this fall! From new semester electives to a free period for all students, here is an overview of academic enhancements for the 2021-2022 year:

  • Additional class period in 2021-2022. This seventh period will allow each student the flexibility to give or receive tutoring, head to the barn, catch up on work, find a library nook to read in, and more.
  • Three unique instructional day schedules next year. While Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday will be very similar to our current schedule, Wednesdays will be late start days--perfect for some extra rest! Fridays will be flex days, allowing our students a study hall opportunity so they can have more "weekend" in their weekend. View Sample Weekly Schedules >
  • More courses to choose from, including new semester options. From Comedy and Improv to Women and Gender Studies, students can select from a variety of new and engaging courses.  View the 2021-2022 Course Catalog >
  • Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors courses offered. Students can supplement their college prep courses with college-level courses.
  • Access to an expanded portfolio of experiential learning opportunities. Building on our signature May Program, a new January experiential learning program will be added. In addition, educational weekend trip offerings to museums, art galleries, and other cultural experiences will be increased.  
  • New Arts Concentration Program in 2021-2022. If your student is passionate about the arts, this program just might be the perfect fit!

Experiential Learning at Oldfields School


May Program, a hallmark of an Oldfields education, began in 1971. The first two abroad trips to Paris and Madrid were designed for our foreign language students. For other students remaining on campus, a wide variety of experiential learning experiences were offered that included everything from Stock Market Practices to Beginning Shorthand. Just like today, they were designed to complement the academic curriculum.

Over the years, our students continue to share that May Program was a life-changing experience. The new perspectives they gain and strong friendships that form stay with them long after they leave our campus. From galloping across the plains of Iceland, nailing drywall for local Habitat for Humanity homes, touring the ruins in Pompeii, or learning how to change a tire–it's incredible to think of all the lesson learned, near and far, that our students have enjoyed over the past fifty years.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Oldfields, and we look forward to learning more about you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

Warmest regards,

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