Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice and Belonging At Oldfields School

Oldfields Diversity Statement

At Oldfields, each girl's success is enhanced as we celebrate the personal experiences that often are informed by socio-economic status, race, age, nationality, ideology, sexual orientation, gender identity, expression and ethnicity. 

We honor and respect the opportunity to learn and grow from the multitude of valuable life experiences and personal beliefs from every member of our community. The community is committed to a continuously active and innovative process of creating a welcoming, inclusive, and safe environment for everyone.

Our Founding Principles

At Oldfields School, our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and belonging is deeply rooted in our history, guided by our mission, and epitomized by our motto, "Fortezza, Umilitade, e Largo Core," which means Courage, Humility, and Largeness of Heart. We proudly stand on the foundation laid by Anna Austen McCulloch in 1867, and we continue to evolve and lead in promoting a culture of kindness and understanding.

Anna McCulloch, the visionary behind Oldfields School, was a woman of remarkable character and foresight. She believed in the power of education to foster curiosity, excellence, and a strong sense of humanity. Mrs. McCulloch's influence has persisted through the years, shaping the way we approach diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and belonging at Oldfields. Her values continue to resonate within our school community.


Community Norms of Engagement