School's Out For Summer!

With apologies to Alice Cooper for appropriating his lyrics, school is indeed out for summer! With the girls away until the end of August, things are pretty quiet around here, although a good number of year-round staff come in each day to keep the wheels moving.

Therefore, you'll notice the Green and White Gazette will be a little briefer until things ratchet up again in the fall. We don't want you to think we've forgotten you!


What Do You Remember About Mr. Anguita?

Beloved Science Chair Retires

Mr. Anguita has put down his chalk and closed his textbooks for the very last time. After 28 years of enlightening generations of Oldfields girls about the wonders of physics, chemistry, and math, Justo has retired to a life of leisure. His wife, Hilary, will still be teaching at OS for at least two more years, and Justo will still be a part of the life of the School as a "spectator," but it just won't be the same here without him. As one of Oldfields' most popular teachers, his retirement touches us all.As sad as we all are to see him go, we are overjoyed to know he will have more time to spend in his beloved Spain! Te echaremos mucho de menos ¡Que tengas mucha suerte!

What do you remember about Mr. Anguita? We'd love to hear your stories and remembrances of your time with him. You can click here to send your reminiscences to us. We bet you've got some good ones!

     Oldfields Ring Finds Its Way Back Home


Only an Oldfields girl would understand. A tragedy befell Claire Jermakian '15 two years ago when her Oldfields ring was lost in the sand at the beach. Despite renting a metal detector and searching laboriously, alas, the ring was never found. Every time Claire looked at her hand, she sadly thought about how excited she had been the night she received her class ring from Emily Brownawell '14 and
Charlotte Mayer '14 and how much she wished she had it back.

Fast forward two years. A brown padded envelope arrived at Oldfields in the mail. Inside, tucked carefully into a purple velvet bag, was Claire's class ring! Strangers in Arlington, VA, must have found the ring in the sand. Nowhere did it say Oldfields on the ring, so how they knew where to send it is a mystery. Perhaps they did an online search of the logo? "Courage, humility, and largeness of heart" saved the day!


Remember Your Graduation?


Whether it was decades ago or just last year, we all remember the walk down Graduation Hill, the elegance of the ceremony, tossing our bouquets in the air, as we graduated to the next chapter in our lives.


Things do change, as time goes on, but we'll bet you'll see many similarities between your graduation and this year's. Enjoy!


Anne Ragland Finney P'97

Director of Development



Joan Carter Jermakian '81 P'15

Director of Alumnae Affairs





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